FYC 62nd Annual Grammy Awards

Enotram Records Entertainment Recording Artist FYC Submissions

Dance Electronic Album Submission: Erogenous Zone, Executive Producer: Martone, Co-Executive Producer: Clayton Morgan Daniels. Produced by: Michael E. Williams, II, Marvin DJ Extreme Detroit Hairston. Liner Notes Submission: Liner Notes by Martone, Damon Z. Percy view the file in red  FYC Liner Notes Erogenous Zone.

Mixing Engineers: Michael E. Williams, II, Marvin Hairston, Spencer Sandfield, and Israel Velez. 

Written by: Martone Daniels, Clayton Morgan Daniels *Ed Cooley, John Davenport for Fever. 

Recording Engineers: Martone, Armando Ortiz


Press Release and Interviews for Erogenous Zone:



Album Reviews 

Martone: “Erogenous Zone” – will empower fans from all walks of life – Independent Music News 24 


Martone: “Erogenous Zone” keeps the adrenaline and emotions flowing! – SoundLooks.com

Martone: “Erogenous Zone” – honest, compassionate and dynamic! – Jamsphere.com 

Behind the lyrics: 




Pop Solo Performance Submission

Inside Out is the second single from the Erogenous Zone album that was released on July 26, 2019. 

The official release date as a second single is scheduled for August 22, 2019. 

Executive Producer: Martone, Co-Executive Producer Clayton Morgan Daniels 

Produced by: Michael E. Williams, II 

Recording Engineer: Martone, Armando Ortiz

Mixing Engineers: Michael E. Williams, II and Spencer Sandfield 

Reviews :

“Discover Why Martone’s Song “Inside Out” Carries a Simple But Powerful Message” – Erick ElectroWow 


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